In 2017 we worked with Théâtre Sans Frontières to create a 35 minute play for KS1 children about Fuel Poverty. The piece was commissioned and funded by NATIONAL ENERGY ACTION.

A cast of four, Sarah Kemp, John Cobb, Eleanor Cobb and Jake Nelson plus 4 Corners musicians Ken Patterson and Richard Scott devised the show based upon the ‘Three Little Pigs’ story. Tidy Pig, Party Pig and Clumsy Pig end up in the house of bricks with a leaking roof and draughty doors and windows. They gradually work out ways of keeping warm despite the wolf who is always at their door.

Joey Holden took the part of Clumsy Pig when it toured for three weeks in the spring of 2017. Watch the film and find teachers’ notes, lyrics and music and clicking on RESOURCES (in pink) at the bottom of the TSF page.

Filmed by Sarah Hibbert and Kyle Donnely, music by Scott and Patterson, film edited by Ken Patterson.
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