Full of Energy CD Cover Front 2

In 2016 / 2017 we worked with six schools in the West End Schools Trust’ in Newcastle upon Tyne composing seven new assembly songs concerning energy conservation, smart meters, pollution, health and energy related inventors. NATIONAL ENERGY ACTION funded the project and commissioned the work.

The songs in the downloadable songbook are:

Full of Energy:   Theme Song from all schools

Keep it Smart:   Hawthorn Primary School

There’s a Little Green Planet:   St Paul’s C. of E. Primary

Power it Up:   Broadwood Primary

Coughs and Colds:   Bridgewater Primary

Have a Care for the Polar Bear:   Canning Street Primary

Power of Invention:   Wingrove Primary


420 Children and parents from the six schools gathered at the Tyne Theatre for an afternoon BIG SING There was a performance celebration in the form of a ‘Big Sing’  in March 2017.Musicians Gerry Hunt, Liz Corney, Keith Hill and storyteller Chris Bostock joined us for the big day.